Digital Marketing Consultant for Real Estate Businesses by Richard Uzelac

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digital marketing consultant for real estate

Have you ever started in this industry and made a hiatus because of too much pressure? Did you ever have a hand that you could trust to get along? Did you ever ask yourself if a real estate career is even worth it? Undeniably the answer to that is yes. After graduating, I became a journalist, which didn’t make that much then. One day I saw these nice cars outside parked near our real estate office. So then I thought, why don’t I become one? Besides, I have always been fond of nice cars. I was inspired when my father bought me a motorbike when I was a kid. From then on, I didn’t only dream of these but of having those nice cars too. If you have yet to read my full bio, one thing it mentions was that I sought a career as a graphic designer after leaving the aircraft controller job since I lost my hearing performing the job. Then, I made an impression in my career as I earned an Emmy award which brought me to become a senior director of production at some prestigious real estate companies like,, and other sites

As your real estate marketing strategy consultant, Richard Uzelac, I am here to help you with your projects and goals. We will set up your business in a strategic way to ensure that you are always on the right path! Whether it be in wholesaling, rehabbing, real estate agents, listing agents, realtors, or investing. At this time, there’s no reason to turn around from real estate. Although working offline in a traditional way, house-to-house or face-to-face in person is not dead. But digital marketing in real estate will help you promote your listings like a madman.. Let’s get your business up with a strategy and, most importantly, I’m going to help you with the tools. Because even the best real estate agent out there can be beaten with strategically planned marketing tactics and presentations. And along all of these, with the help of your perseverance and skills, you’re halfway to the path of success..

The Real Estate Industry has been on the rise for years and there are tons of opportunities for real estate fellas and it is only growing. If you need help getting success in your business, me and my team of experts are going to make it for you. 

Why Do You Need a Digital Real Estate Marketing Consultant?
by Richard Uzelac



Is your brand or business struggling in the real estate industry? Does it feel like you’re on a conveyor belt and never get to where you want to be? Are you tired of paying exorbitant real estate agent commissions and struggling to make ends meet while your competitors are making bank off their home listing images and buyer traffic? If so, let us help you create a step-by-step digital marketing strategy for your real estate business. We’re here to give you the exact blueprint to help you reach your goals, have fun along the way, build a profitable business and live life outside the confines of the flipping funnel!



Achieving the role of senior director for real estate companies is something I grew over with. As time passed by I pictured a larger view in my mind and that is to help small to medium businesses, not just corporations. Sure enough, nothing comes easy when achieving success. If you are tethered in your role, for example wholesaling and you’re wanting to get ahead in the game, you are most likely going to help with a real estate marketing consultant. What makes my consulting stand out? I have ventured into this, having earned a senior director of production role in big real estate companies, because of enhancing their website: Shortening search paths, removing ads and enhancing branding- leaping their way towards big revenue, and having profound experience alone as an outstanding real estate agent back in the years, I can help you.


I love to help real estate agents and brokers hence I created Realtytech. It is made to be an asset to leverage your real estate business. We strive to empower our clients with the tools and solutions they need to become successful; helping those busy real estate agents and brokers by offering services such as premium real estate websites, and seo internet marketing along with real estate lead generation, facebook ads, and success marketing projects and RealtyTech Inc S IDX websites which will generate real estate leads for your real estate business too. 



Digital Marketing Consultant for Real Estate Businesses Matters?

Here’s what a digital marketing consultant for real estate businesses can help:

  • Help you identify your business needs
  • Identify and Research Your Audience
  • Digital marketing can help build brand awareness
  • Incorporate Technology into Your Content Strategy and Turn It into Lead Generation

If you like a return on investment and leverage your business in the real estate industry, get help from a digital marketing consultant that specializes in real estate. Having a facebook account or a website is going to accomplish little. These are just channels. Without the proper consulting you might be left with nothing in getting ROI. For example, you need to ask what you are trying to reach. Is it the buyers, sellers, renters or investors? Will you be exclusively reaching these target audiences through facebook ads? Are you going to post listings of houses or post personal stuff? With the help of our social media team, you can build your brand and increase sales with a strategic online marketing campaign.

Don’t worry I’ll help you solve the problems that come your way in marketing online and at the same time, create opportunities from it.