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Richard Uzelac is a California business entrepreneur who has founded two successful internet-based companies: GoMarketing and RealtyTech Inc.

Richard Uzelac received his college education at Pennsylvania State University and holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Film Production.

This degree focused on the type of journalism that is disseminated by mediums such as radio and television. His major as well as his minor in Film Production provided Richard Uzelac with the skills he would use later in his career to become a prominent member of the television, film, and Internet marketing professions.

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In his Personal life

Richard Uzelac Earned Recognition for the Following:

  • Won the Emmy Award and the Mobius Award for the CBS Winter Olympic Games for ‘Outstanding Graphic Design.’
  • Won a couple of driving championships and set track records in the Porsche Owners Club.
  • Won a California State Powerlifting Championship in his weight class.
  • Won a Freestyle Wrestling Tournament at age 45.
  • Raised and Donated to many Veteran’s and Children’s Charities.

Richard Uzelac - CEO & Marketing Consultant

Richard Uzelac is an Online Marketing Consultant. He is the Founder and CEO of both GoMarketing, Inc. and RealtyTech Inc. Richard Uzelac has years of experience producing professional, results-driven online marketing and helping leaders showcase their talent in the business world. He’s developed custom digital marketing strategies to increase any business’ sales volume and boost revenue.