How Technological Advancements Have Impacted Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has always been about innovation, creativity, and finding solutions to problems. In today’s digital age, technology has become a powerful tool for entrepreneurs, providing new opportunities to start and grow businesses. From the rise of the internet and e-commerce to artificial intelligence and automation, technological advancements over the past few decades have had a […]

How is AI used in Digital Marketing?

How is AI used in Digital Marketing?

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the apprehension surrounding the potential of generative AI to replace human jobs is palpable. Yet, within this uncertainty lies an incredible opportunity. Generative AI, with its ability to create diverse content like text, images, and video, offers more than just automation. It has the power to augment human creativity […]

The Must-Have Digital Tools For Realtors in 2023 by Richard Uzelac

idx real estate website for realtor by Richard Uzelac

The Must-Have Digital Tools For Realtors in 2023 by Richard Uzelac The real estate industry has made significant progress in recent years thanks to technological advancements. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, the real estate market experienced a series of changes that are reshaping the future of property for the better. It […]

Blogs for Small Businesses by Richard Uzelac

blogs for small business by Richard Uzelac - CEO of goMarketing

Blogs for Small Businesses by Richard Uzelac The evolving landscape of marketing demands that small businesses adapt their strategies to stay relevant and connect with current and potential customers. So, how can they do that? Incorporating blogs into their marketing efforts is a powerful way to enhance online visibility and engage with their target audience. […]

Franchising Then And Now by Richard Uzelac

Digital Marketing Franchising

Table of Contents Franchising has become a popular business model that allows entrepreneurs to expand their reach and leverage the success of established brands. However, with the disruption era caused by both natural disasters and human actions, as well as trends in digitalization, franchising is experiencing profound changes. According to Mishra et al. (2018), this […]

How to Optimize Your California Real Estate Site Website by Richard Uzelac

Real estate websites are unique in many ways compared to ‘regular’ websites. The most notable difference is that real estate sites typically feature temporary content. When a property is up for sale, it gets its page online, but as soon as it is sold, the page is often removed from the internet. So how do […]

Richard Uzelac’s Guide to Conducting Effective SEO Competitive Analysis

how to do competitive analysis by richard uzelac of goMarketing

  Richard Uzelac on Identifying Value in Competitors’ SEO   Looking at your competitor and seeing how they’re making noise could drive us to be better, but we always want to be mindful of the kind of publicity or feedback we want to be known for among our customers because that is our personal branding. […]

Relevance of Customer Journey in Content Marketing

relevance of customer journey to content marketing

Relevance of Customer Journey in Content Marketing   When it comes to the advancement of our time, none are quite as profound and intricate as the concept that “content is king”. As we dove further into cutting-edge advancements of AI and chat GPT. What does content mean now? Thus, we must contemplate the significance of […]

How to Get Positive Reviews

Generating Positive Reviews with Richard Uzelac It is a well-known fact among marketers that a company’s online reputation is crucial, regardless of whether your client runs a small restaurant, a software company, or an HVAC company. Often, for customers, the first point is the business reviews to decide if their services or products are likely […]

Five Tips To Make You Blog Successful by Richard Uzelac

How to have a successful blog by Richard Uzelac

I first heard about blogging from my friend a long time ago. Blogging was used as something personal, more like a diary rather than an informative nature. And, with many success stories from blogs that influenced people, many companies have turned to blogs as a tool that could drive more sales and power. As a […]