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Digital Marketing Consultant for Cannabis Industry by Richard Uzelac

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Cannabis is growing by Richard Uzelac

Let’s learn how prevalent cannabis is in the US (and worldwide):People Use Cannabis Everywhere In the US, the US Energy Information Administration estimates that there are about 5 million marijuana users nationwide, although that figure has risen.The legalization of marijuana and the medical benefits that have been linked to it are generating a lot of buzz across the country. Some states allow medical marijuana while others do not. Out of 50 states there are 23 states approved in legalizing the use of Marijuana in medicinal and recreational form as of now. You may check out this link every now and then to make sure you’re updated about the states.

A digital strategy can help you leverage the internet’s many channels to connect with your target audience and attract new business to your company. Especially in this challenging industry where social media giants have so many vague rules and regulations when it comes to promoting the Cannabis industry, I know it may be frustrating when we work hard for our brand. Then suddenly, our page comes to a halt. Social Media Marketing is challenging when it comes to the Cannabis Industry. It is understandable since Cannabis is a highly regulated and illegal substance under federal law. Is it worth it to post your products and services on these platforms? Yes, most of the facebook business pages are up now since 2018; however, you should be cautious when doing any type of posting to your page as these rules and regulations are highly vague and confusing. Even those nonprofits and educational pages have been shut down, so we have to observe extreme caution. Facebook Page license holders, for such, may allow posting about Cannabis if it is about advocacy: social-justice oriented, such as safe access to medical Marijuana for qualifying patients. Facebook rules are still not tight about Cannabis-related products and services when 37 states, including the 4 US Territories, have already legalized Marijuana for medicinal purposes. Is it a call for equality for the Cannabis Industry on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more?

Glass House Brands from California, a producer of cannabis from Camarillo, California said that their second quarter report from this year 2022 is up by 72% and co-founder Graham Farrar told that they are looking at the possibility of interstate commerce being closer. The vertical industry of Cannabis is rapidly changing, and undeniably, companies and consumers are taking a plunge into legalizing Cannabis federally. And as it approaches the legalization process, the market is continually growing.


Digital Marketing tips to help Cannabis Industry by Richard Uzelac

So how can we stand out in this rapidly growing market, as the Cannabis Industry is growing rapidly? In order to build your brand and grow your sales, you need to build a relationship with your customers. Businesses spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising every year to promote their products, but the brands that receive the most exposure are generally the ones that people have seen with quality and value

1.Blog Posts
Developing a blog is a great way to start with your branding. Blog posts provide an excellent opportunity to share your specific perspective on current events, as well as reflect the values and mission of your business in a positive way.. Another key to building a strong brand in the cannabis industry is generating news stories and press releases.

2. Email Newsletter
Since Facebook and Instagram are highly regulated. You can turn into an email newsletter, which is another great way to boost your audience. You can maximize your blog posts by sending out a monthly email blast with a recap of what the company has shared over the past month on it’s social media platforms, while also including a roundup of top posts on the blog and website

3. Find Users and Influencers for a Podcast
The host interviews guests who are experts in their field. They then talk about a variety of subjects related to the subject matter of their podcast.Podcasting is a great way to build trust and relationships with your listeners.

4. Website and SEO
Along with blogging, websites and seo plays an important role in digital marketing in the Cannabis Industry. To find your website in the pool of so many webpages you should make sure to get your site page rank higher. Since many platforms have banned Cannabis in advertising your website will play as your virtual storefront where you can get potential customers. Use wise keywords and get your page rank higher. Additionally, give your best shot in testimonials and reviews; make them readable and catchy, and design your site in a user friendly way.

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